Debora Alison Jerrard (Osuna)
Class of 1974


Cary, NC                         EMAIL DEBORA

Marital Status divorced, married'
Spouse:  Dr. Ian D Robertson'
Children: Heather Alice Robertson, Matt David Robertson
College/Schools Cornell University, UC Davis Veterinary School, NC State Vet School
Occupation: Mobile veterinary referral surgeon in central North Carolina- small animals
Past Residences: Ithaca NY, Huntington Station NY, Garden Grove CA, Davis CA, Raleigh NC, Sydney Australia, Auckland New Zealand
Past Jobs Immunology technician SUNY Stonybrook, Immunology technician UCLA, Clinical Registrar of Small animal Surgery - Sydney University Australia, Referral Surgeon New Zealand
Other Activities Gardening, Keeping up with college age children, working for the college age children, reading

Favorite Teacher(s):

Mrs Murdoch, Mr Record, Mr Strobeck, Mr Filkins, Mr Morton
Military Service  


I got a late start on family so I still have 2 in college although they should both graduate this year (2013). My mom lived on the family farm for 40 years until my dad died in 2004. She still keeps up with news of Cambridge after moving away. Hope everyone is well!!