R. Matt Durrin
Class of 1974


Clearwater, FL                              EMAIL MATT                 

Marital Status Single
Children: Matthew, Justin, Kristen, Lauren
Grandkids: Madilyn (Boo Boo)  and Matthew Tyler (JR)
College/Schools USN
Past Residences:  
Past Jobs  
Other Activities  

Favorite Teacher(s):

Chas (Principal), Cy (Coach), Carson (PE), Rec (6th Grade/BB Coach), Mac (7th)
A lot of good memories...a few not so good! The infamous "Cherry Tree" incident probably rings loudest...
Coming from a large family...with 3 brothers and 4 sisters...being 6th of 8...1-6 all being 1 yr apart...every day life was full of adventure...I've forgotten more than I remember and could still write a book...
For me. hangin out at Baratto's pop corn wagon, hot peanuts n hot dogs...playing the first 2 seasons of Cambridge Little League at 11yrs old, standing a foot taller than the rest, winning both seasons...walking, riding bike or hitching a ride to "The Lake" all summer long..."Satan's Children", my brothers rock band, so cool (lol)...exclusive trout fishing at "The Reservoir" where fishing was not aloud for anyone other than my cousin Bob and I. (Grandpa Vic was Superintendent!) Carlton Fiske attending our baseball banquet just to meet us...trimming Christmas trees in the summer (lol)..we sucked at it...if we all behaved, we'd enjoy a worldly adventure to "Hathaways" in Hoosick, "Carols"? drive through hamburgers in Bennington, living on Myrtle Ave...playing on the hill, sleigh riding, hiding behind the stone wall and throwing apples at cars as they went up hospital hill..."Racky" our raccoon...
I was very fortunate to have great memories with many childhood friends...especially Doug, Candy and Barb...just hanging out...being goofy...life's best moments...I love you all!
I remember being Grandpa Vic's "Right Hand Man"...Grandma Ina's "Little Man"...and spending countless time with them...then in 8th grade, on my last day of school for the summer, walking home...I learned of my grandfathers death...and I remember hurting so much for gram...I ended up staying with her for the whole summer...to be her "Little Man"...years later, I realized how much she was helping me get through that time...I love you gram!
I will always remember "The Seed House"...the covered bridge...standing on our front porch, waving to MOM as she worked across the street at "The Seed House"...I always wondered if she was trying to help feed and cloth us 8 kids...or avoid us (lol)...there were many times like my first year of "Punt, Pass N Kick" and how MOM was so concerned that I would be crushed if I didn't win...I was so determined I would...and she smiled proudly when I brought home my first place, red, white and blue jacket...she tried to support me as best she could throughout my childhood...to this day, I can't imagine the undertaking of 8 children...to the dearest and most loving influence in my life...I love you MOM!

Military Service:

US Navy 1974- 1980 (Vietnam Veteran)