Douglas J. McCauley
Class of 1972


Arlington VT                                                Email Doug

Marital Status Married
Spouse:  Wendi
Children: Jillian, Tiffany, Ryan, Curtis, Zak, Julia
Grandkids: 4
College/Schools HVCC & Southern Vermont College Insurance & NASD registrations
Owner; Vermont Investment & Insurance Co., LLC and New England TaxPro, LLC
Securities & Insurance broker; Registered Investment Advisor
Past Residences: NY; Florida; Virginia; Maryland; Illinois; Greece & Spain; USS America
Past Jobs
72-73 worked in building trades & attended Hudson Valley Community College (majored in being an straight A' being an idiot.)
73-74 US Navy Communications School, Bainbridge Maryland
74-77 US Navy aboard the aircraft carrier USS America
77-79 Southern Vermont College
77-80 & '88-89 Semi-Pro Football
79-85 State Trooper - Vermont State Police
88-89 Bennington County Sheriffs Dept. Parttime-train officer.
83-present building Insurance and Investment & Tax Company. (began building insurance business part time 1983 and expanded to full time 1988)
Retiring 2013...God willing and the creek don't rise.
Other Activities ministry work; spending time with the children and grand-kids, weight lifting; biking; hunting; woodworking, fishing; making wine and working in our vineyard

Favorite Teacher(s):

Crank, McAdoo, O'Connor, Ross, Coach Teszar& Record, Fuller, Cheney, Bailey
Mike Durin locking Collin Thumb in Barbara Shermans hall locker...oh was I not supposed to tell?
Tackling Doug Luke in football practice as his heel went through my face mask and broke my nose.
I was always very proud of Doug. exceptional  athlete and running back...of course that was "only" because the 10 other exceptional guys on the field
blocking and protecting him...;)
I can still hear Mr.O'Connor's warm encouragement...." McCauley, you Jack-ass!" ( I just loved that guy, we became great friends)
M&M candy fights on the Vocational School bus...supervised by our fearless driver Morse Perry.
Football games; dances...parties. The discussion club.
the list is endless...'
Military Service  


What a great place to have grown up and gone to school...wouldn't trade one second of the good, and the sad.
I was saddened to see the roses by many dear names.
"Alas, life is precious and nothing ever stays the same...but the best is yet to come."