Sylvia Aileen Lincoln Stratton
Class of 1972


Caledonia Michigan        EMAIL SYLVIA

Marital Status Married
Spouse:  Hal
Children: Gary Charles Ackley
College/Schools 'Grand Rapids Community College'
Occupation: I am currently working as a court reporter for our circuit court here, working for the same judge since 1991.  Our circuit court is the equivalent of your superior court in New York state.
Past Residences: Oregon, Washington, California, Michigan, and New York state.
Past Jobs:  ' Since leaving school, I have built mobile homes; worked in various aspects of food service industries; managed apartment buildings; worked in the residential moving industry where my husband and I moved households for primarily military families all across the United States; and I have lived here in Michigan since 1987 where I've been employed by my county. 
Other Activities
I used to play racquetball for about 15 years until I very badly injured my elbow and no longer can play - Miss that!!
I love gardening, and believe no one can have too many flowers!  I also crochet, knit, and sew, and have a side business
making and selling teddy bears, when time allows!!

Favorite Teacher(s):