Linda Jennie Finning Kelley
Class of 1971


Springfield, VT

Marital Status Married
Spouse:  Pat Kelley
Children: Patrick
Grandkids: Finnegan and Gwendelyn
College/Schools some...
retired from Kelley Sales and Service as the office manager of 27 years
Now I am just gramma and loving every second of it.
Past Residences: Cambridge, North Adams, Williamstown, Loudonville, Columbus, Bennington, Danbury, Glens Falls, Green Island.....   but...  we've been in Springfield for 30 years as of Jan. 2014'
Past Jobs many...
Other Activities
Reiki, Genealogy, but mostly and most blessed to be gramma to two beautiful grandchildren.
Hospice volunteer work... and if you've never done this I would highly recommend it. I promise you will get back more than you could ever possibly give

Favorite Teacher(s):

Mrs. Hudson, Mr. Cheney, Eva Hopkins, Mr. Bailey
Military Service Not me although I admire any and all of you that have and do
Memories: Lake dances, school dances..  walking to the lake with Lori (more than once) ..   just too many memories to mention and mostly good ones.  Cambridge was a great place to grow up and form friendships that have lasted even today