Marie Merola Copeland
Class of 1966


Delmar, NY

Marital Status Married'
Spouse:  Arthur R. Copeland
Children: Mary Copeland
Grandkids: none
College/Schools 'Mildred Elley School, Albany'
Occupation: I left in 1992 from Key Trust Company as a Trust Officer when my daughter was born.
Past Residences: Albany, NY and Delmar, NY'
Past Jobs none - I do volunteer work with the Ladies of Charity and in the Community as well as with my Church, St. Thomas the Apostle, Delmar, NY'
Other Activities  Reading (I am in a book club); baking, walking and working out at the YMCA, traveling

Favorite Teacher(s):

Mrs. Schoen, Mr. Crowe, and some I can't remember their names
Military Service  
Serving punch at a dance with Chris Harrington - we had so much fun that night!
My graduation speech as Valedictorian - I was so nervous!
Drivers' Ed!!!  I was awful - but did get my license about two years later!!  To pass Drivers' Ed, I had to do a paper -
I remember it was about seat belts and other safety features.