Paul H. Schneider
Class of 1959


3050 Academy Road, Portland, TN 37148   E-MAIL PAUL

Marital Status Married
Spouse:  Dorothy  ( Dot )
Children: Edward Michael (Married 4/2005)
Grandkids: Phoebe Elora- 3/2012
College/Schools Attended Union College  1959-62  Fine Arts Major, US Navy Electronics "A" School
Occupation: Retired- Working part time for Greenleaf Nursery
Past Residences: Newfoundland & Nova Scotia Canada, West Coast, Hawaii, Japan, West Indies, North Carolina, Cambridge, NY,  etc. etc
Past Jobs Many & Varied
Other Activities Working on home & garden at our new location in Tennessee. Seriously involved in horticulture, member American Bamboo Society, North American Rock garden Society, Perennial Plant Society of Middle Tn.  Sculpture workshop in cellar. Listening to our son play the Blues with bands he belongs to.

Favorite Teacher(s):

El Primero- Ken Wilbur
Memories: Way too many to mention...Too bad I'm not a writer, there's definitely a book hidden away there. Growing up in Cambridge, ( my family arrived in '48, when I was 7, year after the "Old School burned") was definitely something special. It wasn't till I had gone out into "the world" that I realized how how high a ratio of fascinating people of all ages called Cambridge home.


Thanks for this website. Very pro. Hope it helps to hook up old friends.