Thomas R. Dempsey
Class of 1955

Tom passed away in August, 2015. 
No obituary was made available


Zaragoza, Spain                       

Marital Status Married
Spouse:  Victoria
Children: John and Victoria
Grandkids: Stephannie and Cristina
College/Schools Univ. of Maryland (Undergraduate -BS); TROY ST UNIV (Masters -MBA)
Occupation: Retired from USAF and Govt Civil Service
Past Residences: Michigan,Libya, Spain, Germany, Colorado, Thailand, Viet Nahn, India (short period), Saudi Arabia
Past Jobs Chief of Management Engineering-Michigan, Thailand and Spain
Chief of Financial Analysis-Tripoli, Libya
Chief Manpower Data Systems for Europe-Kaiserslautern, Colorado and Germany
Other Activities Hobbies: Gardening, reading
Organization: Knights of Columbus
Interests: Visiting sites, castles, touring, and I love beaches.

Favorite Teacher(s):

Mr Edward Brown; Mr Bowler
Memories: Some teachers and classmates. Throughout my adult life I have often thought and wondered what was going on in the lives of the teachers who taught me and the students who grew and learned as I did, some much better than I.