Mary Ella (Arnold) Whitten
Class of 1949

Mary Ella's Obiturary


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Marital Status widow
Spouse:  James
Children: 10 (my 7 and Jim's 3)
Grandkids: As of 3-27-10 , I have 25 grandchildren, 27 great-grandchildren and one more great grandchild due in August.
College/Schools Empire State, SUNY, Columbia, Louisiana State, others
Occupation: Retired CPA, CIA, run Arnold Builders Corp, Austin & Arnold, real estate investor
Past Residences: Cambridge, Sandgate, CT, FL, living in and sailing around on a 45' ketch for eight years.
Past Jobs Controller - International Export Co. (ANSAC), Dir. - International Audit - Stauffer, owned/ran several restaurants, built/renovated single family homes, many others too numerous to list. (Or remember!)
Other Activities More interested in my family now than anything else, used to sail, started Phoenicians, an International Yacht Club for Women; served on several corporate boards; got involved with everything. Traveled all over the world. Now I enjoy staying home and having my family visit.

Favorite Teacher(s):

Jean Shiland, Walt Nash, and there were many others that had an influence on me.
Memories: I remember the school burning, but I didn't do it! I was out of town. Really.
Riding to the games on the school bus - I was a cheerleader. Lots of fun. Being in the Drama Club, playing boy's basketball (Coach Nash made us quit because we beat the varsity boys one year). Miss Piddock (2nd grade) used to let us go in the cloak room and play if we got 100s in spelling? Spooky? No, just fun. Cambridge was a great place to grow up in. I worked in the Cambridge Bakery across from the school. The town cop, Charlie Cantwell, was everyone's friend. We were never afraid of policemen. We relied on them to keep us safe - although we didn't worry much about being safe. The whole town looked after us. They looked after many of my kids, too, in my Mom's beauty shop (Jennie Arnold). I loved Cambridge. Still do. (But I couldn't wait to leave it when I got out of school.)


I know my cousin Melina Arnold Shores is in here somewhere. Jimmy Arnold encouraged me to sign in here, and my daughter Linda Finning Kelley has kept me informed. I noticed that even some of my grandchildren are registered here. Way to go! Am I the only person from 1949 that is registered? They're missing a lot. Way to go, Pauline! Good job. Congratulations to you and to anyone who helped you. It's a great site.